When companies outsource, they need to release some sensitive information about their servers and networks to the Outsourcing company. It is imperative that companies thoroughly check that the way Sensitive information is handled by the Outsourcing company. How is the information transferred? Is it stored in a secure location and accessed only by authorized personnel ? Is the information backed up on a regular basis?

When companies sign up with, they send sensitive information only via channels which are encrypted with SSL and GPG. This ensures that the data is secure during transit and that only authorized personnel receiving can decode it with their private keys. Sensitive information is stored only in designated Servers in local LANs protected by Firewalls. No information is stored on Internet servers. Access is selective and only authorized staff gain access to the information. Daily backups ensure quick restoring should the servers fail. Also necessary settings are immediately made by support staff to allow only limited IP's to login as root user on your server.

  • Well-defined security policies
  • Intellectual Property Security
  • Whatever is passed from the client such as Passwords, client software, Documentation, code come under the purview of Intellectual property.
  • Intellectual property is stored on our internal servers only.
  • Backed up on a daily basis
  • Access control on various Intellectual properties within the organization

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