Cost Reduction

eTech Support offers significant opportunity to reduce operational cost and reduce transaction cycle time. On an average an US based tech costs you around $25 to $30/hr, at eTech Support your costs are cut by 75%. In addition to lower cost, Total Quality Web Hosting Support is also improved by leveraging a 24 hr work window.

Maintaining an in-house technical team is an expensive affair and brings in enormous responsibilities. You might have spent sleepless nights thinking of ways to cut a fine balance between service supports at its best and minimizing the outflow towards maintaining an expensive system administrator.


Maintaining a full-fledged in-house Total Quality Web Hosting Support team involves spending thousands of dollars on salaries, office equipment, furniture and Internet bandwidth.

Recruiting and retaining internet savvy professionals who are experienced in the web hosting industry and who are willing to work long hours replying to irate customers is extremely difficult and tedious job. You can pass this headache to us as at eTech Support only the best are hired. You can analyze our Qualified System Administrator during free trial period.


With eTech Support, an experienced full-fledged Total Quality Dedicated Support team services your customers. And you get a Ready made 24/7 Web Hosting Support team, made up of experts who have resolved Hosting issues umpteen times before.

If you turn to cheap and unreliable part time help from inexperienced personnel, you will only end up infuriating your customers further.

At eTech Support you get world class Total Quality Technical Support

30 Day Money Back Guarantee