24 x 7 Hosting Support

Globalization is a welcome opportunity for businesses to increase their revenue base by outsourcing, but along with globalization comes the responsibility to provide world-class level of service across time zones and continents.

Our Qualified System Administrators are at your service with 24/7 service. Our uptime is 100% with no power cuts and no network outages. Our Qualified System Administrators give a quick personalized response to the support tickets placed by your clients. Your clients will always receive fast and friendly reply from our Total Quality Web Hosting Support team within few minutes - no more auto- responders and offline red symbols on your site.

eTech Support's global presence will facilitate you to satisfy your customers from allover the world 24/7. We will be the application experts and problem solvers behind your call centers help desks, ensuring that your critical application errors are attended immediately. Our repeatable processes for knowledge transition, off-site problem simulation, and configuration management back our support product along with a stable infrastructure

Why 24/7 support

Many people wonder why Round the Clock support is so essential to the Outsourced Web Hosting Support Business. Hosting Companies have to cater to the needs of clients all over the world. So while you are sleeping in the United States, your clients from east may be looking quick resolution for an email issue. Critical issues like Ddos and spamming have to be attended and resolved as soon as possible. This means support team has to be up and responsive 24/7.

At eTechSupport.net

eTech Support takes care to ensure staff is not exhausted working overtime to keep up with customer expectations. Each member of our support team works for a maximum of 8 hours a day. There are 3 such shifts per day, so that members remain in good spirit and enthusiastic throughout working hours. Because of our 8 hour shift system, customers are always greeted by happy and considerate staff which helps to resolve issues immediately.

Benefits of 24/7 Support

  • Expanding the support to 24/7 to support business clients across the globe.
  • Control support cost through the use of outsourced support model.
  • Allows you to focus your internal resources on strategic business and new technology initiatives.
  • Establish measurable Service Level Agreements for problem management and resolution.
  • Increase the level of confidence and satisfaction of business customers all over the world.
  • Implement support best practices while increasing internal resource productivity using proven support processes.

At eTech Support you get world class Total Quality Technical Support

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