Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Response Times

For Standard Technical Support, Billing Queries, and Sales Queries, we will use our best endeavors to respond to a minimum of 90% of Valid Queries within 30 minutes of the query being lodged, and to provide the relevant customer with an effective answer to their query within 6 hours of the query being lodged.


You agree to correspond with eTechSupport ( If eTechSupport needs to contact you for any reason we will do so via email, instant messenger or SMS, In emergency we can use phone to reach you.

You agree to notify us promptly of any changes to your email address or other contact details.

Money back guarantee

If you cancel the Service within 30 days of the start of this Agreement, and request a refund within 7 days of cancellation, we will refund full portion of the payment made by you for the cancelled services within 7 days of your refund request.


Prices are subject to change with prior notice of 2 months. Any change in monthly fees will apply to your next service period, but will not be payable for your current service period.

Cancellation of Service

You may cancel the Agreement at any time by providing eTechSupport with written authorisation to cease the Service.

Since all fees are payable in advance, in order to avoid charges for a subsequent billing cycle, you need to cancel the Service prior to the end of the current billing cycle. We recommend that you cancel your subscription (if relevant) prior to your next billing date, and also advise us of your intentions in writing prior to the end of your current billing cycle so that we know to cease providing the service, and then no further charges will be payable.

You reserve the right to cancel the Service for any reason with prior notice of 7 days. We will not cancel the service from our part without notification of 30 days.

No Third-Party Support

Unless we explicitly agree otherwise in writing, we will only provide support to your Direct Customers and not to customers of any other company/entity. For example, if you have multiple companies then you would need to purchase a separate Support Plan for each company.

We reserve the sole right to decide which customers are Direct Customers and which customers are not.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee