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What are SpamCop, SCBL, and their benefits? This article will help you in knowing the procedure of removing the server from the SpamCop Blacklist. What are SpamCop and SCBL? First of all, let us know what exactly is a SpamCop and SCBL: SpamCop is a SPAM reporting application that provides customers to submit the IP addresses of email senders that are sending them spam emails. They offer a blacklisting platform called SpamCop Black List (SCBL), which includes a list of domains that have been banned. Benefits of SpamCop: SpamCop is successful in assisting......

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In this article, you will come to know what is MySQL and how to use the UPDATE command to restore full rights to the MySQL root user. So, let us understand what is MySQL. 1) In MySQL “My” stands for Monty Widenius, she is the daughter of MySQL’s business partner. Whereas, SQL stands for Structured Query Language.  2) MySQL is the grouping of My and SQL, MySQL. 3) It’s a database management system (DBMS). You can use this application to handle relational databases. 4)  It’s Oracle-backed open-source software. It simply implies that you can use......

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Bounced emails are the dirty clothes of every email marketing campaign. You may ignore them for a time, but eventually, they will begin to stack up and become a problem. And, although dealing with email bounces isn’t the most event will happen of your marketing plan, having a clean list is essential for starting a successful email marketing campaign and achieving high response rates. The issue is that most marketers are unaware of the fundamentals of email bounce rates, making it difficult to develop successful marketing campaigns. Thankfully, that’s where we can......

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