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How to install Webuzo v3 control panel on Ubuntu 20.04.

In this tutorial, we will go through how to install Webuzo v3 on Ubuntu 20.04. Webuzo is a Multi Control Panel that allows you to manage your cloud or a dedicated server. It helps the developers and administrators to manage their database, and domains, deploy a variety of applications, etc. By using Webuzo you can manage different kinds of applications like Nginx, Lighttpd, MYSQL, MongoDB as database, PHP, Ruby, Perl as languages, etc. Follow the following steps to install Webuzo v3 control panel on Ubuntu 20.04 Step 1: Upgrade your System It......

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How To Use Sysbench MySQL

Let’s take a look at what is Sysbench and how our MySQL Support Team is ready to help customers understand more about sysbench MySQL. What is Sysbench? If you know that Sysbench is a popular open-source benchmark to test the open-source DBMSs. You can use the DBT2 benchmark tool to perform Sysbench automated tests for a single MYSQL Server instance running InnoDB or an MYSQL Cluster setup with a single MYSQL Server instance. Benchmarking a database is useful for comparing it to a set of standards. However, it also helps us to understand the......

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