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In Linux, the echo command outputs the strings that are supplied to it as arguments. Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and other Linux distributions, as well as other operating systems like Windows, all support the echo command. For output status text to the screen, this command is most frequently used in batch files and shell scripts. Although we’ll be using the most recent Ubuntu 22.04 OS in this guide, you can use any Linux distribution of your choice. Let’s get going! Update the SystemThe system packages should be updated to the most recent versions......

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Linux Error 111: Connection Refused typically happens when the host file lacks the correct server address or name. It might also happen if the loopback address is not present. Follow the Steps to fix Connection Refused Error: 1. Open your terminal window. 2. Enter the following command  3. Enter the domain username and password. 4. Now Edit the 5. Now, Save and restart. We sincerely hope that fixing Linux Error 111: Connection Refused using these steps will help. If you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact us....

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In this article, we will explain to you how to add a package in WHM. Using WHM, a cPanel server admin can add or create new packages. Follow the steps to Add a Package 1. Log into your “WHM as the root user” 2. Search for the “Packages” option and click on the “Add a Package” 3. Enter the “Package Name” and “Resources” 4. The admin can include/deny your users in the Settings area by: Once you are done with the settings, click on “Add” Was this article helpful to you? If......

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How to Check cPanel Version by WHM Command Line

In this article, we will show how can you check cPanel’s Version with the help of the WHM Command Line Follow the steps to Check the cPanel Version Using the WHM Command Line: 1. Log into your “WHM account” 2. Search for the “Server Configuration” 3. Click on the “Terminal” 4. Now, Type this “Command Line” Was this article helpful to you? If you continue having problems with the above outlined, please contact the eTechSupport Team....

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Top 5 Causes Of Website Downtime

If your website is inaccessible and facing downtime for an extended period of time, you will lose customers, subscribers, business, sales, and revenue generated by your domain. There could be a variety of reasons for your domain’s inaccessibility. Here are some of the reasons for having website downtime: 1. Poor Website Hosting Provider If you have a poor web hosting provider, then your website might face problems. A top web host provider will assure you a high uptime, but sometimes they neglect to check, or the server might be overloaded with users,......

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How to Enable SMTP authentication in Plesk

When you attempt to log in, you are more likely to see an authentication failure error on your server. The problem typically happens when you attempt to log in with the incorrect username or password. Authentication will fail if your mail server rejects the credentials you specified in the login or password fields. Our technical support staff receives a lot of requests to resolve authentication failure problems as a provider of server administration services. With the help of this blog, we hope to clarify the various reasons why the error occurs as......

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