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How to Install Iotop in Linux

If you frequently use or work with Linux, you have probably used the top command to view a list of processes. You cannot use top, a program that tracks disc read, write, swap, and I/O for each running process. The top is comparable to the top in several areas. Follow the following steps to Install lotop in Linux: You must first update your Linux kernel to the newest version: yum update kernel You must now set up the Python modules: yum install python python-ctypes Using the yum package installer, run the following......

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What are SpamCop, SCBL, and their benefits? This article will help you in knowing the procedure of removing the server from the SpamCop Blacklist. What are SpamCop and SCBL? First of all, let us know what exactly is a SpamCop and SCBL: SpamCop is a SPAM reporting application that provides customers to submit the IP addresses of email senders that are sending them spam emails. They offer a blacklisting platform called SpamCop Black List (SCBL), which includes a list of domains that have been banned. Benefits of SpamCop: SpamCop is successful in assisting......

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