How to Create a Subscription Package in Plesk

How to Create a Subscription Package in Plesk

In this article, we will help you to understand how to build a subscription package in the Plesk panel better.

We’ll go through a few stages here:

1. Log into your “Plesk Panel”

2. Now, go for the “Service Plans”

3. Once, “Service Plans” opens you can click on “Add a Plan”

4. Create your “Service Plan Name”

5. Then, Fulfill checks the boxes on the plan, such as total mailboxes, disc space in MB, and bandwidth in MB.


6. Once you are, Done with the Define the resources provided by the plan. You can click on “OK”

In this way, you can create a subscription package in Plesk. Was this article helpful to you? If you continue having problems with the above outlined, please contact the eTechSupport Team.

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