How to Create Backups in cPanel

How to Create Backups in cPanel

In this article, we will explain how to take backups in cPanel.

We are all aware that technology can crash at any time. Therefore, we should be ready for such circumstances. So, we should frequently back up our data, which will be safe and useable for long periods. You may create backups, which can then be downloaded to your local PCs.

Follow the following steps to Create Backups in cPanel.

1. Log into your “cPanel Account”

2. Now, go for the “Files” option and click on the “Backup Wizard” button.

3. Once, you open the “Backup Wizard” you need to click on the “Back Up”

4. Click on the “Full Backup” option.

5. Here, you can select the In “Destination” and enter your “Email Address.” Afterward, you can click on the “Generate Backup”

6. After clicking on the “Generate Backup” button, you see the “Progress” of your Backup.
7. To Download the backup, click the backup name as it appears in the image below.

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