How To Manage Multiple WordPress Web Sites

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Web Sites

In this article, we have discussed how to use the WordPress Toolkit in cPanel to manage numerous WordPress sites. The WordPress Toolkit manages multiple websites simply and quickly with features like bulk updates, security checks, plugins, theme settings, and more.

Follow the following steps, to manage WordPress sites using the WordPress Toolkit.

1. Log into your “cPanel Account”

2. From the Search bar, you need to search for the “WordPress Tool Kit”

3. Once you open the “WordPress Tool Kit” a list of WordPress sites that have been deployed appears.

4. There are several alternatives available, for installing sites.

Install: With this option, you can install additional WordPress Sites.

Scan: You can use this option to scan your account for WordPress sites.

Updates: Here, you can check the new updates. If there are updates, then, you can update multiple sites at once by clicking the Update after checking the boxes next to the sites.

Security: From this option, you can select the check boxes next to the sites which you want to check it. For that, you need to check security. Click Details to check any available security updates. By checking the boxes next to the sites, then clicking Secure, you can deploy many changes at once.

Detach: By checking the boxes next to the websites you want to divorce from WordPress Toolkit, you can delete (detach) several WordPress installations at once. To confirm, click Detach once more.

Note: When a WordPress site is detached, WordPress Toolkit can no longer be used to manage it.

Remove: Select the check boxes next to the WordPress installations you want to remove, and then click Remove. To confirm, click Remove once more.

Note: When uninstalling several websites at once, exercise caution!

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