How to Resolve the MySQL Security Advisor Warning


This article helps you to understand how to fix the security Advisor MySQL Alert.

The WHM Security Advisor looks for modifications that could improve the security of your VPS.

For VPS users who aren’t using remote MySQL, we’ll show you how to fix the error:

Firstly, do Security Advisor Scan:

1 Log in to WHM.

2 To begin the scan, go to the menu and select Security Advisor.

3 Keep an eye out for the MySQL service alert.

If the above-mentioned notice appears, you can resolve the issue by adopting one or both of the following methods: (This may make it impossible for your VPS to use remote MySQL):

1) Edit Config File 

2) Close Port 3306

Methos 1) Edit Config File:

1. Log in to your server as a root user.

2. Edit the (/etc/my.cnf)file and add (bind-address= the file.

3. Use nano editor to accomplish this.

4. To open the file, type (nano /etc/my.cnf) and press Enter.

5. Using the Down arrow, scroll to the bottom of the file and add (bind-address =

6. Before exiting, press Control and x to bring up the save prompt.

7. To save the file, press y, then Enter.

Then, to be sure the mistake doesn’t happen again, conduct a rescan with cPanel Security Advisor.

Method 2) Close Port 3306 using CSF

Another approach is to use your firewall to block port 3306. Users of the Advanced Policy Firewall (APF) can use SSH as root to remove the port from the APF configuration file. Users of ConfigServer & Firewall (CSF) can perform this as root in WHM by following the procedures below.

1) From the WHM menu, choose ConfigServer Security & Firewall.

2) Select Firewall Configuration from the csf – ConfigServer Firewall menu.

3)  Remove “3306” from the text field under IPv4 Port Settings and Allow incoming TCP ports.

4) Select the Change option at the bottom, then Restart csf+lfd.

5) After that, run a rescan using cPanel Security Advisor to make sure the error doesn’t happen again.

Hope, this article was very useful to you. Here, we learned how to fix the security Advisor MySQL Alert. If you require any additional assistance, please submit a request to our support team. Do check our Web hosting plans today.

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