How To Schedule Tasks In Plesk

How To Schedule Tasks In Plesk

Sometimes, it’s possible that we need to complete a given task at a specific time and that we can forget. The Plesk Panel includes a useful tool for this that will execute your task at the appointed time.

Let’s look at how Plesk allows you to do it.

1. Log into your “Plesk Panel”

2. Search for the “Scheduled Tasks” option

3. Now, Click on “Add Task”

4. You’ll see the screen below. Therefore, once you see this screen, input the relevant task.

Run Command: You must specify the precise path to the executable file that needs to be run. A batch file and a shell script will be included.

Fetch a URL: You need to enter the URL for this to work.

Run a PHP Script: You can run a PHP script.

Script Path: We have picked Run a PHP Script in the image above. Therefore, we must now specify the file’s path.

Run: Here, you must specify both a precise time and the frequency of your activity. You can choose between an hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly, or cron cycle frequency.

Description – You can write a description of your task.

Notify: The crucial component of the scheduled task is to notify. By selecting this option, the system will alert you to any script output issues.

Click on the Ok button once you’ve finished the steps. In this way, we have a task scheduled

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