How To Uninstall Plugins In cPanel

How To Uninstall Plugins In cPanel

In cPanel-WHM, the procedure for uninstalling plugins is similar to that of the system version.

Please take a look at our technical support team’s demonstration of uninstalling a plugin in cPanel using WHM.

Uninstall a plugin in 11.50

To uninstall plugins from cPanel via WHM, you can choose the method of uninstallation that is easy and simple with the version of your system. Choose the method of uninstallation that is suitable with the version of our system to uninstall plugins from cPanel and WHM.

Users no longer need to manually delete plugins from their accounts because version 11.50 of cPanel and WHM has an uninstall plugin script. This file will interface with the dynamic files in cPanel and it will inform them that our plugin has been uninstalled.

Use this script to uninstall a cPanel plugin, run the command:

/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/uninstall_plugin plugin_file –theme=theme_name

The plugin installation file (a.tar.gz,.bzip, file, or an uncompressed directory) is referred to as a plugin file, while the cPanel theme to be removed is referred to as a theme (paper lantern or some other valid theme on the server). The plugin’s directory contains both of these files. If you don’t use the –theme option when specifying a theme, the script will only try to remove the plugin from the Paper Lantern theme if you’re using it. If the compressed plugin installation file does not contain an install.json file, the uninstalling process will fail.

Uninstall a plugin in 11.48

To uninstall a plugin manually, follow these instructions:

1. To Start, you need to delete all files which are related to the plugin we want to uninstall.

2. In the /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/paper_lantern/dynamicui/ directory, delete the dynamicui_$name.conf file. The plugin you are searching will be stored in the $name variable.

3. You need to delete the dynamicui_$group.conf configuration file. If you are the plugin than it will stored in the $group variable.

4. In Last, run /usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuild_sprites –quiet script to rebuild the sprites.

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