How the MariaDB upgrade breaks the cPanel MYSQL interface.

As part of the cPanel update, the MariaDB upgrade breaks the MySQL interface in cPanel. Find solutions to your cPanel server problems. It Occurs automatically when you update cPanel with a version that includes and supports MariaDB 10.3 Your MYSQL Database interface will display errors: “The MySQL server is currently offline.” “Error encountered while fetching data: There is no such grant defined for user ‘cpses_username’ on host ‘localhost’ DBDISKUSED cpuser_user 0 DISKUSED 0 DB cpuser_user USER cpuser_db” You can find the following errors from cPanel’s error log: [2020-05-12 23:36:14 -0500] warn [cpmysql]......

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How To Use Sysbench MySQL

Let’s take a look at what is Sysbench and how our MySQL Support Team is ready to help customers understand more about sysbench MySQL. What is Sysbench? If you know that Sysbench is a popular open-source benchmark to test the open-source DBMSs. You can use the DBT2 benchmark tool to perform Sysbench automated tests for a single MYSQL Server instance running InnoDB or an MYSQL Cluster setup with a single MYSQL Server instance. Benchmarking a database is useful for comparing it to a set of standards. However, it also helps us to understand the......

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