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How to install WordPress using docker

WordPress is among the most widely used content management systems (CMS) because of its abundance of functionality and simplicity of use. This is where Docker comes in, condensing the installation procedure to a handful of quick instructions that need a little time and effort. On any system and OS, quick and easy software installation is possible thanks to the Docker container technology. Install Docker If you see, installing Docker is easy and simple. Here, you need to run the update command for your system to make sure you have the latest source......

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How to Modify the Recursive DNS Queries Settings in Plesk

In this article, we will explain how to change the recursive DNS (domain name service) settings in the Plesk control panel. Follow the following steps to change the recursive DNS queries, setting in the Plesk panel 1. Log in to the “Plesk” panel 2. Now, Search for the “Tools & Settings” Option 3. Click on the “DNS Settings” 4. You can see the “Server-wide Settings” option 5. You will find the “Recursive DNS queries” option, and you can see the “Allow for all requests” selected 6. You need to click the “Allow for requests......

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Nowadays, everyone is familiar with WordPress domains. As WordPress uses the MYSQL database to store the data which includes its site and home URLs too. Sometimes, we also need to change the WordPress site URL in the database. For Example – When we are doing the migration of WordPress sites from one server to another server, we have to change the old WordPress Site URL in the MySQL database to the new one. You can add the site URL and home of WordPress using the wp-config.php file. As it is relevant to......

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