Top 5 Causes Of Website Downtime

Top 5 Causes Of Website Downtime

If your website is inaccessible and facing downtime for an extended period of time, you will lose customers, subscribers, business, sales, and revenue generated by your domain. There could be a variety of reasons for your domain’s inaccessibility.

Here are some of the reasons for having website downtime:

1. Poor Website Hosting Provider

If you have a poor web hosting provider, then your website might face problems. A top web host provider will assure you a high uptime, but sometimes they neglect to check, or the server might be overloaded with users, leaving insufficient resources to support all users. With our monitoring service, we will ensure that your domain/server has as little downtime as possible.

2. DNS Problems

DNS issues can cause your servers and sometimes it might just go down or offline. Have poorly configured nameservers at the domain registrar or an improperly configured A record The DNS propagation delay process itself takes a few hours to finish. So, Always check and verify the accuracy of your DNS records.

3. DDoS Attack

A DDoS attack is known as a denial of service attack. When someone tries to flood a server with requests in order to crash your server. If you have a shared hosting plan, it’s possible that the attackers will target another domain that uses the same server as you. It might take down all domains hosted on that server until we mitigate the attack.

4. Application Issues

If you build your domain with a proper CMS application, it might happen that the most recent update may not work with installed plugins, or it may fail the database or other problems, which might cause a White Screen of Death(WSOD). Make sure that you have enough backup before proceeding with an upgrade.

5. Hardware Failure

Hardware failure is one of the main reasons why you may be experiencing downtime. A bad hard disc or power supply might sometimes prolong downtime. Currently, the majority of data centers give their customers access to IPNI. IPMI is used to examine console messages and verify that there are no hardware problems. If your server is having any problems, you can check with your data center.

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